The Internet is the most paradigm-shifting invention of the modern age, but without content it is simply an shell.  Whilst the “Web 2.0” philosophy of user-generated content feeds social media, there will always be a need for news, analysis, games and other content.

W5H is shorthand for the six rules of Journalism – Who, What, Why, When, Where and How. As a company W5H has been providing content for magazines and websites for over 25 years.

We can tailor-make content to fit your site, using your voice and to suit your delivery cycle. Why not give us a call and see how our in-house TV, audio and written content production teams can help you fill your site and satisfy your viewers.



Games To Go

We source, operate and create casual, social and real-money games.  In this mobile-centric world, our app developers design, write and feed apps based around Sport, Reality TV, Entertainment, News and E-sports.

News and Analysis

Our team of professional journalists and creatives produce up-to-the minute content for newsfeeds, magazines and apps.  We can cover most subjects and pride ourselves in finding the most knowledgeable and high-profile commentators on reality shows, sports events and general news topics.


With in-house TV, green-screen and audio studios, we can provide real-time media content for embedded or streamed consumption. Branded TV studios can be created to fully promote your brand along with personalised on-screen graphics and sub-titles.


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